Our mission at Royal Dance Company is to inspire youth, strengthen self-confidence and explore the infinite opportunities of dance by sharing passion, commitment, dedication and having fun while doing it.

Meet Maiyah Tellis

Hi, my name is Maiyah Tellis. I am the head dance instructor at Royal Dance Company. You may be wondering about the person who will be teaching your daughter/son and if I am capable of giving them the teaching they need.

Here is a little background about me. I am nineteen years young. I come from a big family. I was born and raised in Ruston, Louisiana. I am a freshman at Louisiana Tech. I have been dancing since first grade. It is my life and passion; without it I do not know what I would be doing with my life.

It all started on the night of May 14, 2003. That was the night my mother, little brother, and I were in a terrible accident that would change our life. I lost my little brother that night. He was my best friend and the one person who I could go to whenever I needed. Without him in my life, I became depressed and stayed to myself. That is when my mother decided she wanted to put me in dance lessons at Missy Crain Dance Studios here in Ruston. That was the best thing she could have ever done for me. It helped realize my heartache and give me something else to love and cherish. I took my mind off that fretful night and helped me to let out all my emotions and feelings through dance. I met many new people and made a few lifelong friends. That was when I knew I had found the thing that I could never let go.

I went on to being a part of Missy Crain Performing Company (that was their competition group). I also became a part of Louisiana Delta Ballet (that is a pre-professional ballet company group. I went on to doing danceline at RJHS and became the captain my eighth grade year. I did not dance at Ruston High school my freshman and sophomore years there. My junior year I went to C. E. Byrd, in Shreveport. I was a member of the Highsteppers dance team there and even taught them a dance I made up (keep in my mind this was my FIRST year there and I was a junior). I came back to RHS my senior year and was a part of the Bearcat Belles. I have literally been dancing my whole life. I know ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and majorette.

All I want to do is to teach your child my passion. I hope to make it into something that they can cherish and love. At the same time, I want them to make some lifelong friends of their own. I want this to be a family and a place that these children can come to get away from their outside lives and leave feeling happy and confident in themselves.

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